Ampaire Electric EEL
Ampaire - Electric EEL - 2019 - США
Страна: США
Год: 2019

Ampaire's Electric EEL technology demonstrator arrives in Kirkwall from Wick, after a flight that test pilot Justin Gillen described as going 'without a hitch'.
The Electric EEL in the skies over Hawaii
The Electric EEL over Maui - Hawaii’s carbon-neutral policy made it the ideal place for Ampaire’s test flights
The second Electric EEL example in flight
Ampaire co-founder Kevin Noertker believes that working with SAM will enable the team to quickly follow the hybrid electric automobile model
Ampaire team members Brice Nzeukou, Kevin Noertker, Doug Shane and Justin Gillen
Test pilot Justin Gillen recharging the Electric EEL’s battery pack
In time, it is hoped that the price to retrofit an aircraft will be comparable to existing overhaul costs