BAC/Dassault AFVG
BAC/Dassault - AFVG - 1967 - International
Страна: International
Год: 1967

Another photograph of the contemporary AFVG model, this time with the wings in the fully forward position. The resemblance to the Dassault Mirage G is striking, although the first prototype of the latter was single-engined, whereas the AFVG was always intended to be fitted with two engines
A contemporary model of the AFVG with its wings in the fully swept position. Note the RAF roundels on the port wing and French roundels on the starboard wing.
The AFVG mock-up at Warton (with a Jaguar fin visible in the adjacent bay). The mock-up was fitted with only one wing, but the general characteristics of the prospective twin-engined strike aircraft are easy to determine. It was vital to preserve BAC’s technological capability, which would ultimately bear fruit in the MRCA/Tornado project with West Germany and Italy.
AFVG (as at March 1966)