ANF Mureaux Mureaux 170
ANF Mureaux - Mureaux 170 - 1932 - Франция
Страна: Франция
Год: 1932

Одноместный истребитель
ANF Les Mureaux 170
Flight, November 1932
Flight, May 1934

ANF Les Mureaux 170

"ANF Les Mureaux" выпустила самолет модели 170 в соответствии с тактико-техническими требованиями французских ВВС на новый одноместный истребитель класса С.1, оснащенный двигателем с нагнетателем, способным обеспечить скорость не менее 350 км/ч. Изящный цельнометаллический самолет имел крыло типа "чайка" и неубираемое шасси в обтекателях с хвостовым костылем. Каждая консоль крыла дополнительно соединялась с фюзеляжем парой подкосов. Первый из двух прототипов ANF Les Mureaux 170.01 поднялся в воздух в ноябре 1932 года. Он отличался малой массой, наличием зависающих элеронов, способных служить закрылками, тоннельной установкой радиатора под центральной частью фюзеляжа и размещением пулеметов в крыле. Несмотря на хорошие летные качества, самолет не пошел в серию из-за плохого обзора нижней полусферы, что сильно затрудняло посадку и создавало проблемы во время боя.


  ANF Les Mureaux 170C.1

  Тип: одноместный истребитель
  Силовая установка: V-образный поршневой двигатель Hispano-Suiza 12Xbrs мощностью 690 л. с. (515 кВт)
  Летные характеристики: макс, скорость 380 км/ч на высоте 4500 м; набор высоты 10 000 за 23 мин 25 с; практический потолок 10400 м
  Масса: пустого 1199 кг; максимальная взлетная 1670 кг
  Размеры: размах крыла 11,38 М; длина 7,.90 м; высота 3,00 м; площадь крыла 19,56 м}
  Вооружение: два курсовых 7,5-мм пулемета в крыле

Flight, November 1932


The French Exhibits

  A.N.F. Mureaux. - Three complete aircraft are exhibited by this firm, all of metal construction (including covering), and all high-wing monoplanes. The 170 C.1 is a single-seater fighter, with wings having their maximum chord some little distance out, tapering to tips and root, and slightly bent as in the Polish P.Z.L. machines, but to a smaller extent. The engine is a Hispano-Suiza 12 Xbrs. Flat plate covering is used for wings and fuselage. The machine looks as if it ought to be very fast indeed, as it is carefully streamlined and has a very small wing area.

Flight, May 1934

A French single-seater fighter with a top speed of 336 m.p.h. at 15,580 ft.

  ALTHOUGH it has not yet been ordered in quantities for re-equipment purposes, as the prototype was completed too late for participation in the recent competition for single-seater fighters, the Mureaux 170 C.1, constructed by Les Ateliers de Constructions du Nord de la France, of Paris and Les Mureaux, is generally recognised as one of the finest fighters which have appeared in France during the past two or three years. It was one of the exhibits on the Mureaux Stand at the Paris Aero Show in November, 1932, when it attracted much favourable comment. It is claimed that the machine is the fastest French Service aircraft. This we can believe, although our Hawker "Super Fury" is probably about 15 m.p.h. faster.
  The new Mureaux is a pretty aircraft, especially in plan form, as may be gathered from the G.A. drawings. The strut braced wings, which are of a type known on the Continent as "aile d'insecte," are unusual in more than one respect. Their maximum chord and thickness occur slightly outboard of the strut attachment, and the roots are merged into fairings behind the cylinder banks of the Vee type engine. In this latter respect the machine is similar to the Gloster racing biplanes of some years back. Two duralumin spars of I section are employed for the wing structure. Rigidly controlled unbalanced ailerons are fitted.
  An all-metal fuselage is used, covered with duralumin sheeting. In section the fuselage is flat-sided with elliptical top and bottom. A Hispano Suiza 12 Xbrs geared and supercharged engine developing 690 h.p., driving a Ratier airscrew, is carried on a duralumin tube mounting. A radiator with adjustable shutters is mounted beneath the fuselage between the radius rods of the undercarriage. Originally the Hispano Suiza "X" type was designed as a water-cooled engine, but Prestone or ethylene glycol cooling is being employed in some of the later models, when radiator size is reduced and performance correspondingly increased. A fuel tank with a capacity of 315 litres is carried within the fuselage behind the fireproof bulkhead.
  Armament consists of two fixed machine guns mounted within the wings outside the periphery of the airscrew, in which position no synchronising gear is needed. This arrangement clears the pilot's cockpit of the breeches of the guns and the C.C. reservoir. An unusually good view is obtained from the cockpit, mainly as the result of the use of the gull-type wings.

Hispano Suiza 12 Xbrs Engine

  Span 37 ft. 4 in. (11,4 m)
  Length 25 ft. 6 in. (7,8 m)
  Height 9 ft. 4 in. (2,86 m)
  Wing area 210-4 sq. ft. (19,56 m2)

  Weight empty 2,531-3 lb. (1 148 kg)
  Weight loaded 3,580-9 lb. (1 624 kg)

  Speed at 6,550 ft. (2 000 m) 205-5 m.p.h. (334 km/hr)
  Speed at 11,480 ft. (3 500 m) 222-5 m.p.h. (358 km/hr)
  Speed at 15,580 ft. (4 750 m) 236 m.p.h. (380 km/hr)
  Speed at 21,300 ft. (6 500 m) 231 m.p.h. (372 km/hr)
  Speed at 26,200 ft. (8 000 m) 217-5 m.p.h. (350 km/hr)
  Climb to 6,550 ft. (2 000 m) 2 min. 36 sec.
  Climb to 11,480 ft. (3 500 m) 4 min. 20 sec.
  Climb to 15,580 ft. (4 750 m) 6 min.
  Climb to 21,300 ft. (6 500 m) 9 min. 5 sec.
  Climb to 26,200 ft. (8 000 m) 12 min. 45 sec.
THE A.N.F. MUREAUX 170 C.1: This is a single-seater fighter with "gull" shaped wings.
The ANF-Mureaux 170 first prototype
Большие обтекатели закрывали колеса шасси внешне весьма красивого истребителя ANF Les Mureaux 170C.1.
Mureaux Type 170 C1
The ANF-Mureaux 170 second prototype