Rhein-Flugzeugbau (RFB) RW-3 Multoplan
Страна: Германия
Год: 1955

FISCHER RW-1. In Western Germany, the past few years have produced a number of original light and ultra-light prototypes. Those which have reached the flight trials stage include the Heini Dittmar HD-153 Motor-Move (developed from the HD-53 Segel-Move sailplane), the Fritz Raab-designed and Puetzer-built Moraa and the Scheibe SF-23 Sperling two-seaters, plus the powered-gliders, the Burglengenfeld-built Me 06 Motor-Segler and the DKW pusher-powered, high-wing FIBO 2a. The last-mentioned is a 1951 design, with tandem main wheels.
The Fischer RW-3 is thus the second post-war German light aircraft to employ pusher power. The RW-3 is essentially a powered glider of mixed wood and metal construction, with fabric covering. Three versions are envisaged, the prototype A-1, for development as a motorised sailplane; the A-2 as a club primary trainer and the A-3 as a shorter span, advanced and aerobatic trainer.
Salient features : Of pleasant overall aspect. the RW-3 possesses several uncommon design features. The cantilever mid-wing is swept forward to improve low-speed characteristics, while the Tee-shaped tail assembly acts as the mounting for the propeller which is driven by the engine sited in the rear fuselage . The main wheels are retracted manually as is the semi-retractable nose wheel. First prototype wrecked in June, second is now flying.
TANKED-UP. Rare view showing alternative positioning of wing-mounted auxiliary fuel tanks on the two-seat Rhein-West-Flug RW-3 Multoplan with a buried 65-h.p. Porsche flat-four. Designer is H. O. Fischer, and constructor Ing. H. Gomolzig. D-EKUM is the second prototype and was exhibited at the Paris Aero Show.
The R.W.3 Multoplan D-EFUP c/n. 005 at Blackbushe during its tour of the United Kingdom recently. Our correspondents have reported its presence al a number of aerodromes, the last being Shoreham on 13th August.
FISCHER RW-1. Data : RW-3 A-1, A-2 and A-3. Seating: two in tandem. Power : RW-3 A-1. 40-h .p. Nelson or 55-h.p. Porsche ; A-2, 55-h.p. or 75-h.p . Porsche; A-3, 75-h .p. Porsche. Dimensions : A-1 and A-2 (A-3), span 48 ft. 6 1/2 in . (32 ft . 9 1/2 in .) ; length 23 ft . 11 1/2 in . ; wing area 188.4 sq . ft . (154 sq . ft.); aspect ratio 15.4 (7 .0). Weights: empty 795 lb . ; loaded 1.235 lb . Performance : max . speed 103 m.p.h. (146 m.p.h.) ; cruising 90 m.p.h. (124 m.p.h.); best gliding angle 22 ; minimum sinking speed 2.95 ft./sec. (3 .61 ft./sec.). Photo-Cost. f.a.f., from 16,000 DM . (?1.365) to 19.000 DM. (gl,620), graph shows RW-3 A-1 first prototype, D-EJAS. at the "Flugtag der Nationen", Cologne air display, 3rd June 1956.