PZL P.46 Sum
PZL - P.46 Sum - 1938 - Польша
Страна: Польша
Год: 1938

P.46 Sum
P.46 Sum

P.46 Sum

Один самолет Karas B прошел модернизацию и получил обозначение P.42 - он использовался в процессе разработки усовершенствованного варианта P.46 Sum, имевшего двухкилевое хвостовое оперение и убирающуюся подфюзеляжную гондолу. Но P.46 был построен только в одном экземпляре, а P.42 был впоследствии переделан обратно в стандарт Karas B.

P.46 Sum

The Paris Aero Show


Bombers and General-Purpose Types

   As the latest development of their successful, though far from beautiful, single-engined bomber-reconnaissance machine, P.Z.L. are showing the Silure. This, likewise, has a Polish-built Pegasus with archaic-looking exhaust pipes leading back over the wing. The gilled cowling is interesting because the top and bottom sections of the ring of gills are replaced by fixed fairing panels so that there is a clean sweep from the nose back to the fuselage.
   There is a long line of bomb cells which are said to hold 1,300 lb. of bombs. Aft of these is a commodious retractable housing for bomb aiming and the use of a downward-firing gun. As an attack machine the Silure carries six machine guns. The tail has twin fins and rudders, and the undercarriage is of fixed trousered design. The top speed with Pegasus XX is surprisingly high at 260 m.p.h.; it is almost unbelievable that the substitution of a Gnome-Rhone 14 N raises the figure to 292 m.p.h.
The Sum, which was developed from the P.Z.L. P.23 general-purpose machine. Machine use a Pegasus engine and are very heavily armed.
Второй прототип польского одномоторного бомбардировщика-разведчика PZL-46 «Сум», интернированный в Литве 27 сентября 1939 г.
P.46/I Sum
ARMAMENT IN PARIS: The retractable gun and bomb-aiming position on the P.Z.L. single-engined general-purpose machine.