Alaparma AM.65 Baldo
Страна: Италия
Год: 1949

Alaparma AP.65
This neat little two-seater's design goes back to the mid-war years, when Italian Capt Mantelli designed and built a single-seat twin-boom pusher monoplane known as the AM.6. The Alaparma company was formed at Parma to develop the design and I-DONP, seen here, was a two-seat development produced in the early Fifties called the Baldo. The aircraft could be folded to fit a space little more than 9ft x 9ft and had an all-up weight of just less than 1,000lb. Power was provided by either a 75 h.p. Praga D or a 65 h.p. Walter Mikron III. Maximum speed for both variants was around 130-135 m.p.h. Pictured here is a Praga-engined Baldo 75.