Supermarine Dumbo / Type 322 / S.24/37
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1943

The first S.24/37 (R1810), showing the smaller rudder at first used.
Photograph of the second prototype of the Supermarine S.24/37 (R1815)
The Supermarine Type 322 Experimental Monoplane (Rolls-Royce Merlin 30 engine).
The ungainly-looking Supermarine 322 first prototype flying with the wing fixed at zero incidence in so-called high-speed configuration.
The first Dumbo in flight with near-maximum wing incidence and with slots open and flaps down.
Another view of the first Dumbo, shown after modification with a taller fin and rudder, flying with a large angle of wing incidence. Note the shadow cast on the aircraft's nose by the wing leading-edge slats.
This front view shows the Dumbo's narrow-track fixed undercarriage and the reasonably good forward visibility.
Two views of the second Dumbo.
A close-up of the S.24/37 (R1810), showing the wing in the fully-down position.
The Dumbo had foldable wings for ship stowage. The wing covering of R1810, illustrated, was diagonal plywood planking. The second aircraft, R1815, had wings covered in aluminium-coated duralumin.
The incidence-changing gear in the Supermarine 322. Alternative hand and electric operation was provided.
A diagram of the Dumbo's incidence gear. Alternative hand and electric operation was provided.
Contemporary silhouettes published in The Aeroplane Spotter.
Supermarine 322