Aeroplane Monthly 1990-08
P.Jarrett - Nothing ventured... (5)
The Supermarine Type 322 Experimental Monoplane (Rolls-Royce Merlin 30 engine).
The ungainly-looking Supermarine 322 first prototype flying with the wing fixed at zero incidence in so-called high-speed configuration.
Another view of the first Dumbo, shown after modification with a taller fin and rudder, flying with a large angle of wing incidence. Note the shadow cast on the aircraft's nose by the wing leading-edge slats.
This front view shows the Dumbo's narrow-track fixed undercarriage and the reasonably good forward visibility.
The Dumbo had foldable wings for ship stowage. The wing covering of R1810, illustrated, was diagonal plywood planking. The second aircraft, R1815, had wings covered in aluminium-coated duralumin.
Two views of the second Dumbo.
The first Dumbo in flight with near-maximum wing incidence and with slots open and flaps down.
A diagram of the Dumbo's incidence gear. Alternative hand and electric operation was provided.
Contemporary silhouettes published in The Aeroplane Spotter.