Aeroplane Monthly 1990-08
J.Meadows - Flying for fun (3)
Harvard I N7001 was the second in the initial RAF batch of 200 aircraft delivered between December 1938 and October the following year. Following evaluation by the A&AEE at RAF Martlesham Heath, N7001 went to the Southern Rhodesian Air Force in August 1940.
Another view of Harvard I N7003. Following service with Nos 12 and 14 FTS, this aircraft crashed at East End in Bedfordshire in May 1940. Note the sturdy crash post located between the two seats, to protect the occupants in the event of an overturn on the ground.
North American Harvard I P5790, delivered to the RAF late in 1939, operated with Nos 1 and 2 FTS until sent to the Southern Rhodesian Air Force in February 1941.
N7000 was the first aircraft of the initial batch of 200 Harvard Is delivered to the RAF. During evaluation by the A&AEE N7000 dived into the ground near Eyke in Suffolk on February 16, 1939, killing Sqn Ldr Robert Cazalet and his observer R. P. Alston.
Winding up the 550 h.p. Pratt & Whitney Wasp on Harvard N7003 at RAF Grantham, the home of 3 FTS, in January 1939.