Bloch MB.60 / MB.120
Страна: Франция
Год: 1930

One of the French commercial aircraft which were flown to Moscow to show the Russians what France can produce in this way. The new Marcel Bloch 120
F-ANTK Ville de Paris was a Madagascar Bloch 120.
Another Madagascar Bloch 120 was F-ANVP Ville de Tananarive.
Two of the Marcel Blochs used by Regie Air Afrique on their African service. The photograph was taken at Elizabethville while the machines were being refuelled, one to continue towards Europe and the other towards Madagascar.
Seen on the trip: Refuelling a trimotor Bloch of Air Afrique at Zinder (French Niger Colony)
[MB-61] NEW COMMERCIAL MACHINE AT VINCENNES: The Marcel Block 3-engined (120-h.p. Lorraine) all-metal postal plane.