Aeroplane Monthly 1986-07
J.Stroud - Wings of Peace
Winter line-up at le Bourget. Bloch 220 F-AQNP Lorraine (nearest), F-AQNL Languedoc and, furthest, F-AQNM Provence. The Potez 620 is F-ANQM Martinet.
Bloch 220 F-AOHB Gascogne (nearest) and F-AOHD Auvergne (second in line), with modified but still sloping windscreens. The third aeroplane has the final production windscreen. At the end of the line are two Potez 62s.
Bloch 220 F-AOHH Savoie (nearest) with near-vertical windscreen, and next to it F-AOHC Guyenne. The first production aeroplane is the next in line.
Bloch 220 F-AOHB Gascogne at le Bourget with the Farman F.224 F-APMC in the background.
The first production Bloch 220 F-AOHB Gascogne, with original design of flight deck windows.
The rounded rectangular fuselage shape is both structurally interesting and practical from the passengers’ standpoint.
F-AOHJ Poitou was Bloch 220 No 10. It is seen with de-icer boots.
D-AXWA, one of the Bloch 220s which went to Lufthansa. Its original identity has not been traced. It is seen at Aspern Airport, Vienna, in 1940.
KEITH WOODCOCK'S painting of the Bloch 220 shows F-AQNM which was used by Lufthansa as D-AKGC.
Another Madagascar Bloch 120 was F-ANVP Ville de Tananarive.
F-ANTK Ville de Paris was a Madagascar Bloch 120.