Bloch MB.90
Страна: Франция
Год: 1932

Flight, October 1932

Flight, October 1932


   THE French Marcel Bloch aircraft works have recently built a new all-metal light plane, the type Marcel Bloch 90. It is a high-wing monoplane, somewhat resembling the "Puss Moth." The construction is interesting as marking the first time an all-metal light plane has been built in France.
   The wing is composed of two halves, and is of rectangular plan form with rounded ends. The wing section is constant over the entire span.
   The wing structure is composed of two duralumin wing spars of I section, stiffened by double duralumin tube stays and cross-braced by steel wire. The ribs are also made in duralumin. The entire wing structure is covered with fabric. The wing is braced to the fuselage by two steel tube struts on each side.
   The fuselage, of rectangular cross section, is composed of a welded steel tube framework. The stays, also composed of steel tube, are arranged diagonally. The fuselage has a cabin with two seats side by side, and is covered with fabric. The sides and floor of the cabin are covered with plywood.
   All the tail surfaces are made of steel tube and duralumin, and covered with fabric. They are not balanced.
   The undercarriage has a wide tread. It is composed of two cranked half-axles hinged to the fuselage and fitted with oleo-hydraulic shock absorbers. The two wheels are provided with brakes.
   This aircraft is fitted with the 120 h.p. "Gipsy III" engine, carried on a welded steel tube framework.
   Two petrol tanks, with a total capacity of 120 litres, are placed in the two wing-halves, while an auxiliary petrol tank of 50 litres can be placed in the fuselage.
   Span, 7 m. (23 ft.); wing area, 13 m. (140 sq. ft.); weight empty, 320 kg. (705 lb.); useful load, 300 kg. (661 lb.); weight fully load, 620 kg. (1,366 lb.); wing loading, 47.7 kg./m.2 (9.78 lb./sq. ft.); power loading, 5.17 kg./h.p. (11.5 lb./h.p.); maximum speed, 210 km./h. (130.5 m.p.h.); cruising speed, 180 km./h. (112 m.p.h.); landing speed, 80 km./h. (50 m.p.h.); climb to 1,000 m., 4 min.; ceiling, 6,000 m. (19,685 ft.); normal range, 800 km. (500 miles).
   This aircraft was built for participating in the International Touring Competition, but could not start as it was not finished in time. Now the machine has made its first trial flights.
THE MARCEL BLOCH 90: The engine is a de Havilland Gipsy III.