Sparmann S-1
Страна: Швеция
Год: 1935

Contemporary with Britain’s Miles Hawk Major and the USA’s Ryan ST two-seat low-wing monoplane trainers, the smaller single-seat Sparmann S 1-A resembled aspects of both, sharing the same Gipsy Major powerplant as the former and the overwing strut bracing of the latter.
The S 1-A prototype, SE-ADX, before it was destroyed in a non-fatal accident at Jonkoping Airport in August 1935. A second civil-registered S 1-A, SE-AEY, was also completed and later served with Flygvapnet.
A Swedish trainer, the Sparmann S.1A single-seater with Gipsy Major engine. The general layout is reminiscent of the Breda.
The Sparmann S.1 single-seater trainer monoplane in the Swedish section. The makers of this machine are now in the Svenska Aeroplan A.B. group.
A poor-quality but rare photograph of one of the three P 1s evaluated at Wing F 5 Ljungbyhed during the summer of 1936. Note the absence of the distinctive headrest later fitted to Service P 1s.
Sparmann P 1 c/n 818 fitted with a ski undercarriage while serving with Wing F 2 at Hagernas. The aircraft was eventually withdrawn from use in January 1947 and scrapped.
A rare air-to-air portrait of P 1 c/n 818 during its service with Wing F 2. The aircraft was never given an official name but was usually referred to as the Sparmannjagaren - “Sparmann Fighter” - despite the fact that it was unarmed except for an occasionally-fitted camera-gun.
Scale drawings of the Sparmann S 1-A by the late BJORN KARLSTROM. For the static modeller a number of S 1-A resin kits in 1/72nd scale are available, including one from Czech company Kora Models and two versions - one open-cockpit and one enclosed - from Ardpol.