Air International 2016-06
M.Ayton - Iron Hand /Military/
The upper surfaces of the F-22’s wing and fuselage are covered in panels finished in different shades of coating.
A pilot checks the captive training missile during his walk around inspection of the aircraft before an afternoon mission.
Note the difference in nose height between the first and second aircraft. Forward landing gear leg on the second aircraft appears to be higher.
The F-22’s canopy is a one-piece design featuring, what looks like, an integrated bow frame to reduce the aircraft's radar cross section and its weight.
Pratt & Whitney designed the F119 engine with a two-dimensional vector exhaust nozzle. The convergent-divergent nozzle can be vectored upwards or downwards by 20 degrees.
This ramp shot shows an LAU-141/A trapeze-type launcher loaded with a captive training version of an AIM-9M Sidewinder missile.
Fifteen discrete bombs marks on the side of the forward fuselage of F-22 05-4086.
A crew chief uses a PMA to prepare the forms to release the aircraft to the pilot.
Four F-22s taxy to departure from runway 24.
Four F-22 Raptors over fly the memorial at Marnes-la-Coquette, in the western suburbs of Paris on April 20, 2016 to mark the centenary of the La Fayette Escadrille.
Crew chiefs assigned to the end-of-runway inspection team check the aircraft for hot breaks, while a member of the weapons crew inspects the missiles.
F-15E Strike Eagle 01-2003/LN wears a red tail flash of the 494th Fighter Squadron, the host unit for the 95thh EFS during its UK deployment.