Air International 2016-06
J.Schymura, T.Ziegenthaler - Iniohos /Military/
Israeli Air and Space Force F-16C 324 in the markings of the 117th 'First Jet’ Squadron based at Ramat David Air Base.
Some Hellenic Air Force Block 52 F-16s are finished with radar absorbing Have Glass coatings. F-16D 602 wears the yellow and black fin flash of 340 Squadron based at Souda Bay Air Base.
Israel’s airborne early warning platform is based on the Gulfstream G550. Based at Nevatim Air Base, the G550 fleet is assigned to and operated by the 122nd 'The Dakota' Squadron.
Andravida-based F-4E Phantom AUP 71745 on take-off. The McDonnell-Douglas design from the 1950s still looks every part a fighter aircraft.