Air International 2015-04
D.Unwin - The New Meridian /Commercial/
Seen from this side profile, there is a row of vortex generators on the wing, just aft of the pneumatic de-icing boot.
To ensure the cockpit is as clutter-free as possible many of the switched are in a neat overhead panel.
The Aspen Avionics EFD-1000 ‘Evolution’ standby instrument is entirely self-contained and provides airspeed, altitude, attitude and navigation information.
The cabin has wide leather seats, individual air vents and reading lights. Four passengers can be accommodated in club-style seating, with the fifth in the co-pilot's seat.
The ‘LVL’ button on the instrument panel automatically engages the autopilot and returns the aircraft to straight and level flight.
The throttle incorporates a Take Off Go Around (TOGA) button. When pressed, it disengages the autopilot (the yaw damper remains engaged) and moves the flight director command bars to an 8 degrees nose up, wings level attitude.
The multi-function display shows a large amount of navigation and systems information, but surprisingly it doesn’t currently have an electronic checklist.