Air International 2015-04
R.Niccoli - Nexus /Paramilitary/
Guardia di Finanza Nexus variants have an imaging sensor turret and vertical blades for wire cutting on the windscreen and under the nose.
AW109N ‘GF-309’ from the Guardia di Finanza Centro di Aviazione (training centre) at Pratica di Mare in maritime patrol configuration, fitted with four inflatable flotation devices, two each side, on the lower surfaces.
A Guardia di Finanza Nexus showing the position of the inflatable floating devices, the FLIR and the retractable landing gear.
Over Venice, this AW109N Nexus from 14° Nucleo Elicotteri Carabinieri based at Treviso operates in Italy’s northeast.
A powerful searchlight, useful at night or in bad weather when patrolling at sea, is fitted to Nexus of the GdF.
The FLIR Systems SeaFLIR II thermal imaging sensor is fitted under the nose.
The second Carabinieri Nexus, over the Alps before delivery, with its temporary ‘81664' military serial painted on the tail boom.
A Wescam imaging sensor fitted under the rear fuselage of the Corpo Forestale AW109Ns. The service grounded its Nexus fleet on April 1, 2014, awaiting a decision about its future.
The Nexus has a modern glass cockpit with six multifunction displays.