Aeroplane Monthly 1991-11
H.Woodman - The abdominable Blackburd (1)
Blackburd N113 without wheels after one of Kenworthy's landings... "very similar to landing a fast seaplane".
The same aircraft under construction in the Blackburn company's Olympia Works in May 1918. Note the steel landing skids and built-up fairings. Although we can’t imagine anyone wanting to build a flying model of the Blackburd, we would be interested in hearing from anyone who has!
Blackburd N113 with dummy torpedo at Brough in the spring of 1918. This photograph was used in publicity material by the Blackburn company. Note the original trademark ahead of the serial number.
Another view of N113 shortly after completion at Brough. The manhandlers and sightseers emphasise the size of the Blackburd.
The Blackburd's cockpit may best be described as functional.
Blackburn 'Blackburd'
Fairey’s contender, the Shirl, with torpedo gear but simple axle undercarriage.