Aeroplane Monthly 1993-06
O.Thetford - By day and by night: Ginnies in service 1
Virginia Mk III J7132 of 7 Sqn
Virginia Mk V J7434 of 9 Sqn
Virginia Mk VI J7438 of 58 Sqn
Virginia Mk VII J8326 of 7 Sqn
Virginia Mk X K2330 of 500 Sqn
Virginia Xs of 58 Sqn, with K2676 in the foreground. It was finally struck off RAF charge in 1938.
A loose formation of Virginia Xs on exercise. By the time Virginia production ceased in December 1932, the RAF had received 124 aircraft of which 50 were Mk Xs.
Virginia X J7711 of 9 Sqn. In mid-1934 it passed to 500 Sqn.
A LINE-UP: Six Vickers "Virginia" night bombers (twin Napier "Lions") of No. 502 (Ulster) (Bomber) Squadron at Aldergrove Aerodrome.
An impressive line-up of Virginia Xs of 502 (Ulster) Squadron at RAF Aldergrove in November 1933.
Virginia night bombers taking off en masse from RAF Hendon on the occasion of the 1928 Royal Air Force Display.
A classic view taken from the tail turret of a Virginia high over cloud on an evening flight.
The view from the pilot’s cockpit of a Virginia X across the nose gunner’s position. This photograph was taken at RAF Hendon during the rehearsal for the 1935 RAF Pageant.
Virginia J7438 of 500 Sqn was built as a Mk V, became a VI in 1925, a Mk VII in 1927, a Mk IX later the same year and in 1930 was upgraded to Mk X.
Virginia IX J7716 flew with Nos 7, 58 and 9 Sqns and was originally built as a Mk VI.
Vickers Virginia