Aeroplane Monthly 1993-06
J.Stroud - Short Solent /Post-war propliners/
G-AHIR, BOAC’s Solent 2 Sark. It was withdrawn from use in May 1950 and was scrapped at Belfast two years later.
ZK-AML, TEAL’s Solent 4 RMA Aotearoa II. After it was launched at Belfast, ’ML was named by HRH Princess Elizabeth on May 26, 1949.
Another view of TEAL’s Solent 4 ZK-AML.
The third Solent 2, G-AHIN Seaforth, later Southampton, alighting on Belfast Lough. This view shows particularly well the planing bottom and steps.
Trans Oceanic Airways Solent 3 VH-TOB Star of Papua had been BOAC’s G-AKNP Sutherland. It is seen at Rose Bay, Sydney.
Aquila Airways’ Solent 3 G-AKNU RMA Sydney at Capri on June 3, 1954, after inaugurating the airline’s service from Southampton via Marseilles.
TEAL’s Solent 4 ZK-AMM RMA Ararangi taxying to its moorings at Belfast before delivery.
The flight deck of BOAC Solent G-AHIT. The pitch and throttle levers are located at the pedestal position - engine starting and propeller feathering are in the roof.
The upper deck cabin of a BOAC Solent 3.
KEITH WOODCOCK’S painting shows Aquila Airways’ Solent 3 RMA Sydney.