Aeroplane Monthly 1993-12
P.Jarrett - By day and by night: Fairey Fox
THE FASTEST TWO-SEATER IN THE WORLD: The Fairey "Fox," fitted with Fairey "Felix" engine, shown in this photograph, is a high-performance two-seater day-bomber. Originally designed by the Fairey Aviation Co. as an entirely independent venture, the machine has now been ordered by the Air Ministry for the Royal Air Force, and is claimed to be the fastest two-seater in the world.
The first prototype Fairey Fox in its original form and unmarked. Its eight-minute maiden flight was made from Northolt on January 3, 1925.
The first production Fox, J7941, at the Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough, in 1926. The radiator is wound fully down.
Fairey Fox IA J9026 was first flown on August 29, 1927 and was used mostly by the A&AEE as a trials aircraft.
The first Fairey Fox IA, J9026, taking part in the RAF Pageant at Hendon on June 30, 1928.
The prototype Fairey Fox in its original form, with twin underwing radiators, at Hendon in February 1925.
The first Fairey Fox IA, J9026, at Martlesham Heath with dummy 230lb bombs for trials. Note the revised nose outline and different exhaust stubs of the Rolls-Royce F.XI installation.
Dual-control Fairey Fox J8427 was first flown on June 30, 1927. It spent much of its time with the RAE and A&AEE and its later life was spent on target-towing trials.
The first production Fox being demonstrated at Northolt in June 1926. Note the camera port in the rear fuselage, just aft of the lower wing trailing edge.
J7941, the first production Fox, being demonstrated for Flight’s photographer in June 1926.
KEITH WOODCOCK’S painting depicts Curtiss-engined Fox I J7957.