Aeroplane Monthly 1993-12
M.Simons - Sling's sailplanes (12)
The Gull 2 fuselage outside the workshop, showing a wing root template clipped temporarily in place.
The Gull 2 nearing completion. Fred Slingsby, right, and an unknown assistant check the controls. Note the butterfly-type canopy. In the background the A-frame and wings of a Slingsby Primary glider bear the old golden eagle trademark.
The Gull 2 in flight near Lasham in 1957. It was by far the largest and most complex pre war aircraft Slingsby had undertaken.
The Gull 2 during an aero-tow in 1957, before competing in the National Championships. Note the enlarged fin and the addition of a small castoring wheel. The tow-release is on the belly of the sailplane.
Slingsby Type 14 Gull 2