Slingsby T.3 Dagling (RFD (Dagnall) Dagling)
Slingsby - T.3 Dagling - 1930 - Великобритания
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1930

The open version: primaries without nacelles resembled “a five-bar gate suspended below a wing”.
A member of the Summer Camp making a "ground-hop" in a "Dagling."
A "Dagling" primary trainer which the London Gliding Club has made more efficient by fitting a nacelle around the pilot.
The innovative clubhouse photographed just after it opened in 1936.
Amy Johnson receiving her first gliding lesson from Jack Rice at Dunstable in 1937. The glider is a nacelled Dagling primary - Amy later bought a Kirby Kite I.
A BRITISH GLIDER: A series of photographs showing the R.F.D. "Dagling" under construction at Mr. R. F. Dagnall's works at Guildford. The "Dagling" is an improved Zogling type, cleaned up to give greater efficiency.
The Gull 2 nearing completion. Fred Slingsby, right, and an unknown assistant check the controls. Note the butterfly-type canopy. In the background the A-frame and wings of a Slingsby Primary glider bear the old golden eagle trademark.