Air International 2014-08
A.Mladenov - Utility Twin /Commercial/
This Ka-226.50, based at Nalchik, is operated by the Special-Purpose Police Aviation Detachment of Russia’s Kabardino-Balkiria republic in the North Caucasus region.
A Ka-226T prototype in military-style camouflage configured with an open platform for cargo transport behind the cockpit.
One of six Ka-226AGs delivered in 2011-2012 to Gazprom for gas pipeline monitor­ing and general transport role.
The Turbomeca Arrius 2G1 engine, combined with a range of airframe and rotor system enhancements, gives the Ka-226T a vastly improved hot-and-high performance compared to the initial version.
Russia's Federal Security Service has six Ka-226s on strength; the first two were delivered in 2004.
The air ambulance mission pod has room for two stretchers and three to four attendants or seated casualties.
A Ka-226T during trials at a high-altitude airfield in the Himalayas in February 2010.
The executive/VIP detachable cabin, made at PO Strela.
The interior of this Ka-226T prototype is out­fitted for HEMS for the Ministry of Emergency Situations.