Air International 2014-08
C.Kjelgaard - High-Tech in Hamburg /Commercial/
Checking an A340-600 Trent 500 engine during maintenance at Frankfurt.
Milling of the sliding piston bush of an A340’s landing gear.
Final assembly of an A340-300’s main landing gear after overhaul.
Overhaul of the nose landing gear from an Airbus A340-300.
Wingtip mounted position light of an Airbus A340-600.
Boeing 777 landing gear during rework with Hawker Pacific Aerospace Landing Gear Services in the UK.
Assembly of a repaired landing gear for an Airbus A310.
Video borescope of an Airbus A321’s V2500 engine.
Video borescope of an Airbus A321's V2500 engine.
Landing gear assembly work on a Boeing 747-400 during a D-check.