Air International 2015-03
A.Boxman, K.van der Mark - Tactical Training in Texas /Military/
Three CH-47F(NL)s are based at Fort Hood alongside the eight Apaches.
CH-47F(NL) D-893 undergoing maintenance in the open air at Robert Gray AAF.
At Fort Hood the Chinook pilots learn the basics of tactical flying, including picking up sling loads.
Fort Hood provides a training area greater in size than the Netherlands.
Eight AH-64Ds are based at Fort Hood, where pilots complete a nine-week course.
The Dutch Apaches’ arsenal includes this 30mm M230 gun, 2.75in (70mm) rockets and AGM-114 Hellfire missiles.
Realism in training at Fort Hood is provided by the Royal Netherlands Army's 11 Air Mobile Brigade.
The Dutch Apache is being upgraded with new communications equipment and data modem and an upgraded IFF system.
US Army and civilian contractors maintain the RNLAF helicopters according to Dutch Military Aviation Authority rules.