Air International 2017-04
A.Rupprecht - China's Giant Bird /Military/
This year is expected to see the maiden flight of a Y-20 fitted with the WS-20 engine, pictured on the inner port pylon on this Il-76LL testbed.
Russian D-30KP-2 engines power the Y-20s flying so far. Later production versions will use a new indigenous high-bypass turbofan, the WS-20 Huanghe.
One of the first Y-20s delivered to the PLAAF. Reports suggest the four aircraft in service are the final prototype and three LRIP aircraft.
Y-20 serial number 783, pictured flying at Airshow China in 2014, was the second example to fly.
The first operational Y-20 unit is the 12th Regiment of the 4th Transport Division at Chengdu-Qionglai.
Reports say during the design process the Y-20’s maximum take-off weight was increased to 230,000kg (507,063 lb) and its maximum payload to 60,000kg (132,277 lb).