Air International 2018-02
J.van Veenendaal - European Apaches /Military/
The 12th Combat Air Brigade now meets the operational needs of the European theatre through a regionally allocated force resourced through other CABs based in the continental United States.
US Army AH-64 training is now focusing on where the aircraft have to be low in the trees against a near peer adversary.
The APG-78 Longbow fire control radar, rapidly and automatically searches, detects, locates, classifies, and prioritizes multiple moving and stationary targets with low probability of intercept.
The AH-64s are put into teams of two or four aircraft, one of which must have a Longbow radar.
Ansbach in Bavaria is the current home for the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade.
Maintainers working on an AH-64 at a forward area refueling point in the Grafenwohr Training Area.
A Hydra 70mm rocket pod and the AGM-114 Hellfire missile.
AH-64 pilots benefit from the Longbow system, which presents the top 16 targets.