Air International 2018-03
D.Wels - Deadly Black Eagles /Military/
As a 435th FTS T-38C departs, a second Talon assigned to 560th FTS, another squadron assigned to the 12th Flying Training Wing at Randolph, returns from a mission.
A female instructor pilot with the 39th FTS climbs into a T-38C Talon.
A crew chief and a pilot perform a visual check on the landing gear.
Looks can deceive. This T-38C looks brand new, but is over 50 years old.
Head-on, the streamlined fuselage and tri-cycle landing gear of the T-38 Talon are clearly visible.
The pilot inspects the intakes for any foreign objects before start-up of the Talon's General Electric J85-GE-5 turbojet engines.
Two instructors prepare for a proficiency mission to remain qualified on the type.
For training missions, the student is in the front seat with the instructor in the aft seat.
Lieutenant Colonel Jason Earley, commander of the 435th FTS, undertaking a walk around to inspect his aircraft before climbing aboard.
A female student taxies her Talon to the runway for a mission designed to put into practise the topics learned in the class room.