Air International 2020-06
D.Unwin - Taxi! It's Always Quicker by Air
Airbus Industrie's CityAirbus will have a multicopter configuration that uses four ducted high-lift propulsion units.
eVTOL platforms - such as Airbus Industrie's CityAirbus - will become increasingly more common sights over the next decade.
Essentially a ‘technology demonstrator,' the Airbus Vahana uses eight electric motors and a tandem tilt-wing configuration.
The Taylor Aerocar was a technical success, but very few were sold.
Assen Aeronautics' A2 Avenger has three ducted fans, powered by a hybrid petrol engine/electric generator combination.
The Opener BlackFly is an electric ultralight with a payload of over 100kg, a maximum cruise speed of around 70kts and a range of 25 miles.
Electric Jet Aircraft's VertiJet is an ultralight PAV with four ducted fans, each powered by its own 25kW motor.