Air International 2020-08
M.Broadbent - Cutting a converted Dash
Kenyan-based 748 Air Services is the launch customer for the Simplified Package Freighter option on the Dash 8-100.
The freighter conversion enables Dash 8-100s and -200s to carry payloads of 6,500lb (2,948kg).
The nets are secured in position with straps, retaining loops and a snap hook.
Thirteen Jazz Aviation Dash 8-400s that operate for Air Canada Express such as, C-GGOY (c/n 4365), will be reconfigured as Simplified Package Freighters.
Thai carrier, Nok Air, selected a denser 86-seat layout for its aircraft.
748 Air Services has ordered the Simplified Package Freighter options for three Dash 8-400s.
Air Iceland is one of the smaller operators using the Dash 8.
QantasLink used the type to replace Boeing 737s on a key Australian domestic route in April 2020.
View from the cockpit on approach to Aberdeen.