Air Enthusiast 1972-05
A.Bramson - The Jodel revolution
DR.380 Prince.
Robin DR.253 Regent.
A "production" Jodel D 9 Bebe, typical of nearly 600 built by amateurs, clubs and by the Wassmer and Survol companies in France.
The very first Jodel - D 9 Bebe
The first two-seat Jodel, the D 11 prototype.
A D 112 variant built in America with modifications including a retractable undercarriage.
A British Tiger Club Jodel D 117, as built in quantity by Societe Aeronautique Normande.
The first Robin-built Jodel, the DR.100 prototype.
An earlier Mousquetaire variant by SAN, the D 140B with distinctive triangular fin and rudder.
No longer a Jodel type, but with a strong family resemblance, the HR 100 marks Robin's first exercise in metal construction.