Air Enthusiast 1972-12
H.Taylor - Flying the harassing Hudson /Viewed from the Cockpit/
A Mk III serving as a transport, with turret removed.
Hudsons served the RAF in several different roles throughout World War II, notably with Coastal Command in whose colours the rocket-armed Mk VI is shown.
Mk III for air-sea rescue duties with a lifeboat.
В начале войны самолеты Hudson имели огромное значение для английских ВВС - до 1942 года они были основными машинами Берегового командования. Возможно, что именно Hudson в ВВС Великобритании одержал первую победу во Второй мировой войне - потопил германскую субмарину.
A Hudson I in the markings of No 206 Squadron, Coastal Command, in characteristic tail-up attitude for take-off. Landings were also made in the same attitude.
The "multi-manual" nature of the Hudson is well demonstrated by this cockpit photograph. In the various gates above the central pedestal are the throttle, propeller, mixture and idle cut-off, oil-cooler and carburettor-heater controls, the autopilot engagement lever and the tailwheel lock. Centrally below is the fuel wobble-pump with, left and right, the fuel cocks and, below, the handle of the ratchet brake lever. Below the fuel cocks are, left, the undercarriage lever and elevator-trim crank, and, right, the flap lever and rudder-trim crank.