Air Enthusiast 2003-04
DH.4 portfolio
Early Aircraft Manufacturing Company-built DH.4 A2129, featuring short undercarriage and an Eagle III.
DH.4 A7459 - Aircraft Manufacturing Company-built - as painted at Bacton, Norfolk, in the summer of 1917. It and A7457 were modified and camouflaged for a project photographic reconnaissance of the Kiel Canal. The sortie never took place. The all-over camouflage was described as sky blue and biscuit.
Aircraft Manufacturing Company-built A7624, with an Eagle V, in service with 55 Squadron, Valenciennes, April 1916.
Westland-built N6000, with a Rolls-Royce Eagle VI. It joined 5 Squadron, Riyal Naval Air Service, in July 1917 and was the chosen aircraft of CPO Bartlett DSC. It served until April 17, 1918, when it was destroyed in a forced-landing.
Another Aircraft Manufacturing Company-built DH.4, A7845 was fitted with an Eagle VIII. It joined 2 Squadron, Royal Naval Air Service, in January 1918. It was fitted with a long focal length camera which required fairing to be carried under the gunner/photographer's position. It was withdrawn from service in March 1919.
The prototype DH.4 (which became 3696) at Hendon in August 1916. It was powered by a 230hp BHP six-cylinder.
At least one DH.4 was tested on floats for coastal patrol work. The likely identity of this example is A2144, which was built by the Aircraft Manufatcuring Company.