Air International 2021-05
S.Huertas - Draken's Red Mirage
Mirage F1M C.14-21, wearing the Ala de Caza 14 (Ala 14) code 14-14, was withdrawn from use and preserved at the unit in 2010. It was sold to Draken International in 2018
The Ejercito del Aire’s Ala 14 painted its Mirage F1Ms in an attractive brown, beige and black camouflage
Draken made its initial Mirage F1M flight at Lakeland in November 2019
Disassembling a Mirage F1M
Once in Lakeland, the Mirage F1Ms were checked and regenerated by South African technicians from Paramount
Former CE.14C-85 at Draken’s Lakeland facility