Air Enthusiast 1999-03
Fact or Fiction? CAN READERS shed any light on a model I acquired recently? Complete with what appear to be gun turrets, it looks very much like a ‘Jet Marauder’ (Martin B-26) or similar. Does this relate to a true design project or is it a whim? C B Leering Amstelveen, Netherlands
Unconverted and stored G-AIKL (still wearing HD915) at Weston-super-Mare, 1946.
Before, X9467 (the erstwhile G-AIIB) tethered at Weston-super-Mare, 1946.
Pristine-looking Walrus G-AIEJ at Weston-super-Mare.
The hulk of X9467 following the gale.
View of the Westland F29/27 COW gun fighter, J9565.