Air Enthusiast 1994-09
L.Andersson - Chinese 'Junks'
EURASIA XVIII (c/n 5294) at Kai Tak aerodrome, Hong Kong, in 1936 or 1937.
Eurasia’s first Ju 52/3m, EURASIA XV (c/n 5329), at Lanchow.
In April 1939 EURASIA XIX (c/n 5472) was attacked by Japanese aircraft and made a forced-landing on a mountain side en route from Hanoi to Kunming.
Junkers K 47 P-3 was one of the original seven purchased by the air force of the Central Government.
Eurasia started operations with four Junkers aircraft in 1931. Junkers F13 EURASIA IV (c/n 747) at Peking.
Junkers F13 belonging to Yen Hsi-shan at Taiyuanfu, Shansi. Yen’s pilot, van Vloten, and mechanic, Hartmann, are seen here after a flight to visit General Guan at Yuen Cheng.
Although being of inadequate quality this rare photograph shows one of the first Junkers aircraft in China, an F13 floatplane sent by the Soviet Union to the Canton Government in 1926.
EURASIA IV after a landing mishap. This aircraft was destroyed while under repair at Shanghai in 1937.
Nanking Government Junkers K 53 floatplane at Shanghai in April 1929. The gentleman to the right is probably the German delivery pilot Fritz Horn.
The Shantung Air Force Junkers A 35 was fitted with armament by a German engineer at Tsinanfu.
Eurasia’s first aircraft, Junkers W 33 EURASIA I (c/n 2545), takes-off from Lanchow in 1931 or 1932.
The first of Feng Yu-hsiang’s Junkers W 33s at Shanghai prior to the delivery flight to Loyang, Honan in May 1929. General Chang, Feng’s representative in Shanghai, is in the centre.
Military Junkers W 33 at Nanking, 15 June, 1931. This is probably one of the two W 33s ordered by but not delivered to Honan.