Air Enthusiast 1994-09
F.Allen - Last of the Line
The XF7B-1 (Model 273) navy fighter of 1933. Boeing did not build another fighter for the US Navy until the advent of the XF8B-1 in 1944.
The XF8B-1 in flight over the state of Washington.
The Boeing fighter would have made a handsome addition to the navy’s list of operational aircraft.
Publicity shot of the Boeing XF8B-1, with the traditional Boeing logo on the fin and the stylised manufacturer's name on the cowl.
Inflight photograph of the XF8B-1 showing the second cockpit.
Boeing’s awesome XF8B-1 - the company’s last piston-engined fighter.
A view of the XF8B-1 before flight testing began, showing the wing folding system.
The XF8B-1 under construction at the Boeing plant. Note the massive size of the Pratt & Whitney powerplant.
Dramatic view of the XF8B showing the revised air intake, propellers and the wheel wells.
A view of the open ‘gills’ on the engine cowl of the Boeing XF8B-1.
A cutaway drawing showing the internal arrangement of equipment in the fuselage and wings of the Boeing XF8B-1.
General arrangement, Boeing XF8B-1.