Air International 2021-07
S.Gourley - V for Valor
The UH-60 Blackhawk design has been in service since 1979 and is due to be replaced
The V-22, produced by Bell Boeing, has been described as a first ‘operationalised’ tilt-rotor platform
Developed at considerable expense, the V-22 has seen some export success, such as with Japan
Tilt-rotor platforms do have some range and speed advantages over current conventionally configured helicopters
Both of the XV-15As outside at the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center in April 1981.
The development of the XV-15 tilt-rotor research aircraft was initiated in 1973 with joint Army/NASA funding as a 'proof of concept', or 'technology demonstrator' programme, with two aircraft being built by Bell Helicopter Textron in 1977
Manufacturer Bell went back to the drawing board for the V-280, using its experience in tilt-rotor technologies
If selected, delivery of the first unit to the US Army would take place in 2030