Aeroplane Monthly 1981-09
H.Levy - Warbirds over Arizona
The Mk IX Spitfire under construction. The basic tubular construction is common to all three aircraft, though the glassfibre skin pieces are shaped for each type.
Thunder Wings' Spitfire Mk IX looks convincing and much attention has been paid to detail.
The fully instrumentated cockpit is seen here. Claimed cruising speed for the Spitfire is 225 m.p.h.
Thunder Wings' FW190 prototype, with slightly shorter undercarriage, has been flying for three years. The FW190 can be powered by a 240 h.p. Continental W670 or a 235 h.p. Wright Whirlwind engine.
The Curtiss P-40C first flew in spring 1980 but was lost after only 30hr flying after problems with the propeller pitch control.
The basic P-40 airframe.