Aeroplane Monthly 1981-09
T.Dudgeon - The Habbaniya campaign (1)
A line of Hart Trainers is seen taking off at sunrise for one of these grounds at Abu Sueir, Egypt.
No 4 FTS Hawker Harts shortly before the war when they were based at Abu Sueir in Egypt. The aircraft are seen leaving at sunrise for flying training at desert landing grounds. Some of these aircraft were probably involved in the activities described in this article.
A formation of three Hawker Audax Is of No 16 Sqn from Old Sarum photographed during September, 1934. Aircraft from this same production batch were on the strength of No 4 FTS.
Audax K3701, K3698 and K3692 wearing the black fuselage band of No 16 Squadron, Old Sarum. The Audax had a Hart-type rear cockpit, extra-long exhaust pipes and, being an Army Co-op. type, an underfuselage hook for picking up messages
Fairey Gordon I K2743, at Fayid in Egypt on April 22, 1943, had served earlier in Iraq