Air International 2022-04
T.Batchelor - Upscale up and above
A Tailwind aircraft at Rowes Wharf Arch in downtown Boston
Tailwind Air’s services are the first between harbours in Manhattan and downtown Boston in half a century
The Tailwind Air team may be small - for now - but it boasts substantial aviation experience
The Cessna Caravan has enabled Tailwind to launch multiple routes that are water-to-land, land-to-water and water-to-water
Tailwind hopes to prove attractive to wealthy second home owners
Passengers in the Cessna benefit from up to 36° of seat pitch and leather seats, all with access to both the aisle and the window
Tailwind Air hopes to double its Caravan fleet this year
With just eight passengers and a pilot, Tailwind’s Cessna Caravans offer a ‘semi-private’ experience
Artist’s impression of the Airflow M200 eSTOL in development Airflow
Tailwind is set to be the launch customer for Airflow's Model 200 floatplane