Aeroplane Monthly 1984-07
J.Viner - The great Flea race
The scene at Ramsgate Airport on August 3, 1936. In the foreground is Ramsgate Airport's Short Scion G-ADDV; behind that is another Scion, G-ACUZ, Monospar ST-6 G-ACGI, a Swallow, Aeronca C-3, a row of Fleas and the Cierva C.30 autogyro.
Mr. S. V. Appleby, flying the Putnam Flea, indulges in a little formation work with an Aeronca;
Aeronca C-3 G-ADYR dices with a Flea while an elderly gentleman tries out the Flea Taxying Machine's cockpit for size. This device had insufficient power to fly but gave those in search of adventure a quick thrill, though one very small boy managed to get the contraption airborne at an earlier meeting.
Messrs Dancy and Rowarth flag away the competitors.
Competitors itching to take off. At right, the cantilever Pou G-AEJC built by E. D. Abbott Ltd at Farnham during 1936. It was powered by a 30 h.p. Carden-Ford engine and was based at Heston. Stephen Appleby's Flea, G-ADMH, can be seen third from right.
A small boy watches as Stephen Appleby demonstrates his Flea G-ADMH, the first British-built Pou du Ciel to be completed. The registration of the Flea was cancelled in 1938. Stephen Appleby is still with us; we wonder what happened to the little boy!
The H.M.18 Pou du Ciel in which Mignet flew the English Channel in order to attend the meeting. This aircraft was powered by a Menguin flat twin engine and featured a small elevator in the trailing edge. Its performance was far superior to any of the other Fleas at the meeting and its fighter-like performance must have been the envy of the other pilots.
Henry Mignet pushes his H.M.18 along the Ramsgate crowd line.
A deadstick landing by Mignet in the H.M.18. This Flea was purchased by Stephen Appleby a month later and registered G-AENV.