Air International 1978-09
J.Fricker - Poised to strike
A Hawk T Mk 1 of the TWU at RAF Brawdy, in standard camouflage
The company's demonstrator G-HAWK in desert camouflage, as worn for an extensive tour through the Middle East earlier this year (1978).
The RAF is in course of acquiring 175 Hawk T Mk 1s, the first examples of which began to reach No 4 FTS at Valley during 1977, in Support Command's red and white finish as depicted here.
One of the Brawdy Hawks - a camouflaged T Mk 1 serving with the RAF's Tactical Weapons Unit, where the type is in process of replacing the Hunter.
The front cockpit of the RAF's Hawk T Mk 1. All non-flying controls are concentrated in this cockpit; to the rear, the instructor has all flying controls duplicated, together with essential instruments.
Hawker Siddeley Hawk T Mk 1
The three-view drawing below shows the Hawk T Mk 1, with rocket pods under the wings; the additional side view (bottom) shows the proposed single-seat Hawk, in which overseas interest is growing.