Air International 1978-09
This photograph shows the Comet 4C N999WA at Miami in April 1978. The inscription on the fuselage reads "Dick Drost" and "Naked City".
Photographs of the two Comets at Mexico City, also photographed in April 1978. One (left) is within the Mexican Air Force area on one side of the airport and the other is in a courtyard close to the civil side.
British Aerospace Hawk T Mk 1 (XX191) of the RAF's Tactical Weapons Unit at RAF Brawdy, carrying a SNEB rocket pod. Universal bomb carrier with 28-lb (12,7-kg) practice bombs and centreline 30-mm gun pod.
Many airlines are flying their colours on Embraer's EMB-110P2 Bandeirante.
The G222 is today the only medium range military transport aircraft available on the market today. Wide operational capabilities and high reliability even in critical flight conditions are guaranteed by the advanced G.E. T64 P4D turboengines. The most sophisticated avionics systems and airborne instrumentation enable the aircraft to operate in all weather conditions independently of ground assistance. The G222 is certified for operation with a crew of two and can take-off and land on grass strips. Its large volumetric capacity allows to carry a wide range of loads (up to 20,000 lbs.) or 44 fully equipped soldiers and to parachute 32 paratroopers or to air drop heavy loads up to 11.000 lbs. The G222 can be rapidly converted to fulfill rescue missions, aeromedical transport, aerophotogrammetry, firefighting and radio calibration. And all the above at a very low operational cost.
Jaguar has proved its ability to turn major roads into advanced bases for defensive strike operations with weapon loads up to 10,000 lb. On stretches of British motorway and German autobahn and on rough unprepared grass surfaces. Jaguar has demonstrated that its purpose-designed undercarriage, with its rugged, trailing-link suspension, provides a combination of operational flexibility, high weapon load, long range and supersonic performance denied to other aircraft in its class. When the threat of attack may come from any direction, Jaguar International provides defenders with unique counter-attack capability by freeing them from dependence on permanent airfields.