Air International 1978-09
E.Brown - Spitfires with Sea-legs /Viewed from the Cockpit/
A Castle Bromwich-built Spitfire Mk VB ( BL676) "Bondowoso"fitted with arrester hook and slinging points as a trials aircraft, initial deck trials being conducted with this aircraft aboard HMS “Illustrious" in the Clyde during Christmas week of 1941. It was later to be fully
modified to Seafire Mk IB standards as MB328.
A Seafire Mk IIC of No 807 Squadron just airborne over the windbreak of HMS "Furious" during Operation "Torch". The Mk IICs of this squadron operated in concert with the Mk IBs of No 801 Squadron from this elderly carrier during the Allied invasion of North Africa in November 1942.
Seafire L Mk IIC (MB293) seen with practice bombs on centreline rack during trials at the A&AEE in the spring of 1944 and prior to delivery to No 879 Squadron which flew this aircraft from HMS "Attacker".
Seafire Mk IIC (MA970) used as a development aircraft and photographed in September 1942 while fitted with a Merlin 48 and four-bladed propeller. Supermarine's first production Mk IIC and retained by the manufacturer, MA970 was subsequently fitted with the folding wing developed for the Mk III and with which it flew in November 1942.