Air International 1982-03
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LB-30B Liberator (40-2369) originally built against a British contract and requisitioned by USAAF for use as a transport from Bolling Field October 1941. Note just discernible painted-out factory-applied RAF roundel.
B-24D-1 (41-23659) "Blonde Bomber II" of 98th Bomb Group, USAAF, based at Benghazi, Libya, which had inadvertently landed at Pachino, Sicily, on 20 February 1943, after attacking Naples. It was subsequently evaluated by the Regia Aeronautica in the markings illustrated. Individual aircraft name appeared on starboard side (left) only, with emblem (right) to port.
B-24D-90 (40-40722) assembly ship of the 491st Bomb Group. North Pickenham, autumn 1944.
B-24J-190 (44-40973) "The Dragon and his Tail", 43rd Bomb Group, le Shima, 1945.
PB4Y-1 of US Navy Patrol Bomber Sqdn VPB-110 based in Devon (winter 1944).
Liberator GR I (AM926) of No 120 Sqdn, RAF Coastal Command based at Aldergrove. N Ireland, late 1942.
Liberator GR V (FL981) of No 224 Sqdn, RAF Coastal Command. November 1942.
Liberator GR VI (KG869) of No 547 Sqdn, RAF Coastal Command, based at Leuchars, Fife, late in 1944.
Liberator B VI (TS520) of No 223 Sqdn. No 100 Group, based at Oulton, Norfolk, in August 1944.
Upper surfaces of PB4Y-1 of US Navy Patrol Bomber Sqdn VPB-110 and TS520.