Air International 1983-09
??? - Xingu ... Academician from the Amason
An EMBRAER EMB-121AN recently delivered to France for service with the Aeronavale as a multi-engine pilot trainer.
Only the markings differentiate, externally, the Xingu trainer/transports of the Armee de l'Air and Aeronavale; there are small equipment differences internally. All 41 aircraft ordered for the French services will have been delivered by the end of this year.
Of the first 100 or so Xingus sold, about half have been for European customers; the majority of the remainder have been bought for executive use in Brazil, such as the example illustrated.
Apart from the French order for training versions, European purchases include five for the Belgian state civil training school.
The original EMB-121 Xingu prototype, PP-ZXI, with no ventral fin and a “bullet" fairing at the fin/tailplane junction.
The pre-production Xingu PP-ZCT as used in 1977 by Emerson Fittipaldi.
The Xingu I has less powerful engines and slightly inferior performance.
One of the six VU-9 Xingus operated by the 6° Esquadrao de Transporte Aerea. They were fitted retrospectively with the ventral fin adopted before civil certification.
Four-bladed propellers and small strokes on each side of the lower rear fuselage are externally distinguishing features of the Xingu II.
The Xingu III (a conversion of the original prototype) has a lengthened fuselage, uprated engines and sweepback on the tailplane.
The first Xingu on the UK register, used as a demonstrator by CSE.