Air International 1983-09
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The second prototype Fairchild YA-10 as painted at the end of 1976, with the port wing and outside port fins painted white for photographic orientation in spinning tests at Edwards AFB.
A-10A serial 75-197 of the 354th Tactical Fighter Wing in the standard scheme adopted in 1977, and effective from aircraft 75-280 onwards.
A-10A serial 75-260 flown by the 57th Tactical Training Wing in the "Jaws II" exercise in November 1977.
A-10A 75-269 in the first of the standard finishes for the Thunderbolt II, used on 17 aircraft from 75-263 onwards. This example was used by the 333rd Squadron of the 355th Tactical Fighter Wing.
An A-10A "Shark-mouth" of the 23rd TFW, England AFB, Louisiana, in the now-standard Lizard finish.
The single prototype of the two-seat night/all weather variant of the A-10 (the so-called "A-10B"), converted from the first production A-10A.