Air International 1983-10
F.Mormillo - Debut for the Hornet
The Hornet has been well received by pilots of the operational squadrons now converting onto the type, despite the doubts cast upon its future by continued political sniping engendered by its escalating cost and some early performance deficiencies. VMFA-314 flew their Hornets for these photographs to be taken by Frank B Mormillo from the cargo ramp of a KC-130 Hercules.
Marine Corps squadron VMGR-352 provides a KC-130H for air-to-air refuelling of an F/A-18A, using the British-developed probe-and-drogue system.
A line up of VFA-125 F/A-18As, with one two-seat TF-18A. The "F/A-18" designation is favoured by the US Navy to publicise the Hornet's dual fighter/attack role, although the aircraft carry only "F-18A" as their official designation.
Wing-tip Sidewinder and underwing Walleye missiles on a Hornet from VMFA-314.
A pair of McDonnell Douglas F/A-18As from VMFA-314, the first Marine Corps front-line combat squadron to convert to the Hornet.
Wing fold displayed by a Hornet of VFA-125.
The cockpit of the Hornet, showing the functional layout of instruments and the emphasis upon electronic displays.
A two-seat TF-18A from VFA-125 taxies in from a training mission.